2017-2018 Board of Directors



2017-18 Board of Directors

Date:               April 14, 2017

To:                   Arizona LeadingAge Members

From:              Cole Marvin, Arizona LeadingAge Nominating Committee Chair

Subject:          Call for Arizona LeadingAge Board and Officer Nominations

On behalf of the Arizona LeadingAge Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee, I invite you to submit the name

or names of any Arizona LeadingAge colleague that you believe meets the qualifications to serve on the Arizona LeadingAge

Board of Directors for the 2017 - 2018 term beginning in June 2017. 

Arizona LeadingAge has grown and matured as an organization since its founding in the mid-1980s.  The Association’s achievements are firmly grounded in the commitment of our member organizations and the leadership they demonstrate.  We are proud of this member involvement and feel strongly that all member organizations should have an opportunity to be active in the Association and serve in leadership roles.  The intent of the Nominating Committee is to solicit the names of all interested candidates, including non-profit facility members AND business, proprietary, general and individual members; to consider all nominations received; and to create a slate that is representative of the Arizona LeadingAge membership.

This Nomination "Packet" includes:


All nominees to the Arizona LeadingAge Board of Directors should have the personal commitment to serve, and the support of their sponsoring organizations.  The Nominating Committee will make special effort to consider each candidate's history of service and commitment to Arizona LeadingAge when determining the slate to be presented for election at Arizona LeadingAge's Annual Meeting on June 2, 2017.


Please complete the online nomination form and provide supporting comments outlining the qualifications of any nominee. 

  • Go here for online form
  • Please feel free to share the link to this page with others in your organization.  
  • All nominations must be received by Friday, May 12, 2017.

I look forward to your participation in this important process as we strive to elect responsible leadership for Arizona LeadingAge in the year ahead!




Cole Marvin

Arizona LeadingAge

Nominating Committee Chair


  • Arizona LeadingAge Board Members attend:
    • regularly scheduled Board of Directors,
    • membership meetings,
    • and the Annual Board Retreat. 
  • Board members may be asked to serve on various Arizona LeadingAge:
    • committees, 
    • workgroups,
    • and special task forces.  
  • From time to time, a Board Member may be asked to:
    • represent Arizona LeadingAge at a local event, 
    • or to provide testimony at public hearings on behalf of Arizona LeadingAge.  
  • Board Members actively take part in:
    • welcoming new members, 
    • and assist in member recruitment and retention efforts.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                              JOB DESCRIPTION:  BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Arizona LeadingAge Board Members serve as the Association’s legal and fiduciary representatives - the body for conducting Arizona LeadingAge business.  The Board represents the membership and exercises leadership in establishing a strategic plan that sets the goals and objectives for Arizona LeadingAge.  Arizona LeadingAge Board Members are responsible for monitoring and evaluating overall Association performance and effectiveness.

Key Duties of the Board Include:

  • Establishes the Association’s strategic plan and assures that the goals and objectives are implemented through the appropriate committee or staff;

  • Establishes and periodically reviews all policies necessary to complete Association business;

  • Assesses and interprets membership needs in order to develop services and programs that meet those needs;

  • Receives, acts on, and is the final authority for all recommendations from the committees within Arizona LeadingAge for advocacy positions, policies, procedures,  programs, and

  • Establishes an annual budget with program priorities for each fiscal year, monitors the Association’s financial performance and compliance with budget guidelines.

                        CURRENT BOARD OF DIRECTORS

 Officers  Directors / Members at Large

President: Steve Kolnacki, La Posada at Park Centre

 1)  Tom Dorough, The Terraces of Phoenix

President-Elect: Michelle Just, Beatitudes Campus

 2)  Kane Marshall, Ascribe RX

Immediate Past Chair: Cole Marvin,  Friendship Village of Tempe

 3)  Donna Taylor, Lifestream Complete Senior Living

Secretary: Bhakti Gosalia, Grandview Terrace

 4)  Allan Tramel, Good Samaritan Communities

Treasurer: VACANT

 5)  Jon Scott Williams, Fellowship Square Mesa
   6)  VACANT
   7)  VACANT


                                 ELIGIBILITY FOR RE-ELECTION


OFFICERS:  Automatically assuming positions

  • Immediate Past PresidentCole Marvin has served one term as Immediate Past President and automatically assumes the position of Immediate Past President.
  • President:  Steven Kolnacki has served one term as President and automatically assumes the position of President.
  • President-Elect:  Michelle Just has served one term as President-Elect and automatically assumes the position of President-Elect.
  • Secretary:  Bhakti Gosalia has served one term as Secretary and automatically assumes the position of Secretary.

OFFICERS:  Open for Nomination
  • Treasurer:  The Treasurer position is vacant due to the resignation of Susan Hornbostel. (Please note, all nominations for Treasurer shall have financial expertise.)

MEMBERS-AT-LARGE:*  Eligible for Re-Election

  • Donna Taylor has served two terms and is eligible for re-election
  • Kane Marshall has served two terms and is eligible for re-election
  • Jon Scott Williams has served one term and is eligible for re-election
  • Allan Tramel has served one term and is eligible for re-election
  • Tom Dorough is eligible for re-election                      


      • Members-at-large are elected for a one-year term
      • The board of directors may consist of up to 7 individuals / Members-at-large
        • 5 employed by AZLA Provider Members (voting members)
        • 2 associated with non-AZLA Provider Members (non-voting members)

      Arizona LeadingAge is a 501(c)6 not-for-profit organization. 

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