Award of Honor  

This award recognizes the achievements of an individual who has exhibited an exemplary career of outstanding service in the field of aging.

Award Criteria:

  • Holds the position of CEO, Healthcare/Housing Administrator or Executive Director
  • Has a minimum of seven years of service in the not for profit community
  • Has enhanced the concept of professionalism by virtue of his/her leadership

Excellence in Service Award (3) 

This award recognizes an individual within an organization in a non-management position.

Award Criteria:

  • Holds a front line staff position, included, but not limited to, CNA, caregiver, diet aide, grounds crew, driver, etc.
  • Is seen to enhance the lives of residents or staff by the exceptional quality and passion of his/her work and through acts of kindness, giving and selfless care and support

Volunteer of the Year Award  

This award is presented to a resident, individual or a group from a LeadingAge Arizona member organization. 

Award Criteria:

  • Has performed a minimum of 200 hours per year of significant volunteer service
  • Demonstrated exceptional commitment to preserve the dignity, well-being and independence of residents in their community

Emerging Leader of the Year Award 

This award recognizes an individual in an administrative, managerial, supervisory or leadership position. 

Award Criteria:

  • Has developed and implemented a best practice in programs and/or services
  • Has been instrumental in the achievement of positive measurable outcomes that have made a significant impact to the organization.
  • Has inspired and motivated staff, volunteers, residents and others through his/her actions, ideas and example

Innovation in Technology Award  

This award recognizes an organization for an innovative technological advancement. 

Award Criteria:

  • Has successfully implemented an innovative technology that enhances the lives of residents  
  • Improves efficiency in the delivery of care and services to the residents and staff of the organization.

Best Practices Award  

This award recognizes a "best practice" program or service that promotes and enhances quality of life for residents, staff and/or the surrounding community. 

Award Criteria:

  • Has developed a specific "best practice" within the organization
  • Has effectively led the change by acquiring collaboration and support from those involved to use the best practice during the implementation phase
  • Can demonstrate the metrics, improvements or success of using the best practice

Innovative Health and Wellness Program  

This award recognizes the achievements of an organization to create a positive impact in the workplace that is noteworthy and significant.

Award Criteria:

  • Demonstrate a positive change within the organization in advancing the health and wellness of residents, staff and/or volunteers
  • Provides multi-faceted opportunities for each individual to participate at a level that addresses specific needs
  • The change is designed with positive reinforcement strategies to motivate individuals to continue participation over time

Innovation in Environmental Design  

This award recognizes an organization that demonstrates innovation in the areas of building design, construction, energy conservation and/ sustainable green design.

Award Criteria:

  • Design can be completed or approved-not yet completed
  • Design demonstrates innovative features of sustainability
  • Design includes significant energy conservation features
  • Design includes ideas of researched best practices for use of the spaces

Outstanding Business Member  

This award recognizes a business member who has contributed to the work of the Association and/or its members through participation on committees, sponsorship of programs and events and contributions to the well-being of seniors. 

Award Criteria:

  • Has contributed to the work of the Leading Age Arizona Association and/or its members
  • Has participated on committees for the association
  • Has provided sponsorship of programs and/events

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