May 22 - 24, 2019 

We-Ko-Pa Resort & Conference Center

Scottsdale, Arizona


    Wednesday, May 22

    1:30 - 3:00 PM    Opening Keynote 

    “What If -- We're ALL IN?”

    Inspiring Hope Through The Power Of Commitment and Positivity

    Gian Paul Gonzalez

    Professional coaches draw up game plans, marketing teams unveil new sales strategies, however no matter how revolutionary or fool proof the plans the key for successful implementation is in the commitment of the listeners to carry out what they’ve heard and not just agree but go ALL IN. In this program Gian Paul discusses the keys to helping empower you and your organization to truly commit to your goals despite the obstacles which will try to hinder the type of ALL IN commitment you will need for success. Gian Paul’s story telling passionately describes the origination of a phrase birthed in a New York Giants locker room, to becoming a yearly motto for many of the top corporations around the world. Gian Paul implores his listeners to let ALL IN be more than just a slogan, but become a lifestyle that will impact all parts of their existence. As a reminder for their commitment each member receives a physical memento to help remind them to stay ALL IN.

    Gian Paul is widely recognized for inspiring the New York Giants to their 2012 Super Bowl victory with the phrase “All In.” He has been featured on ESPN as well as had notable appearances on Fox News and CNN.

    His inspirational presentations have made him an internationally renowned speaker for NBA, NFL, English Premiere League & Fortune 500 organizations.

    Gian Paul Gonzalez is himself an inspiration. He was a former NCAA First Team All-American forward from Montclair State University scoring nearly 1,400 points in his 3 year career. Played in the NBA Summer League in 2007 and was offered a few professional basketball contracts, yet he turned them down in order to continue his work with at-risk youth. He is a gifted motivational speaker and is the founder of Hope + Future, an organization dedicated to using athletics & physical fitness to share a message of hope and striving for excellence in inner-city public schools and juvenile jails.

    Thursday, May 23

    8:45 - 10:15 AM        General Session 

    Inspire Integrity

    Corey Ciocchetti

    This popular keynote on ethics encourages audiences to chase the truly important things in life such as a solid character, strong personal relationships and a sense of contentment. These “real rabbits” are compared and contrasted to more fleeting worldly success such as excessive wealth, popularity, and prestige. Audience members leave with a better sense of what it takes to develop integrity, set priorities, gain a big-picture perspective, and chase an authentic life. By the end, Corey promises that this will be one of the most powerful and motivational speeches you have ever heard. 

    An Associate Professor of Business Ethics and Legal Studies at the University of Denver, Corey Ciocchetti is one of the University’s most popular and highest-rated professors. Corey joined DU after graduating with a law degree from Duke University School of Law, a Masters degree in Religious Studies and two Bachelors degrees in Finance and Economics—summa cum laude—from the University of Denver.

    Corey is a talented speaker and teacher and has won multiple teaching and speaking awards including the Outstanding Professor of the Year Award and the Joel Goldman Award for most respected speaker on the CAMPUSPEAK roster. He currently teaches classes on business law and ethics in a department ranked by the Wall Street Journal and Business Week in the top ten nationwide for producing students with high ethical standards.

    Corey also speaks to tens of thousands of individuals each year about “authentic success” and living an ethical life and is the author of the book Inspire Integrity: Chase An Authentic Life. He has spoken to diverse audiences in over 225 cities and 44 states over the past ten years. A Colorado native, Corey resides in Denver with his wife, Jillian and daughters Sophia and Sydney.

    Friday, May 24

    8:30 - 9:30 AM         General Session 

    The Senior Living Opportunity: How to be Netflix in a Blockbuster World

    Matt Thornhill

    What are the trends impacting senior living today and which ones really matter? Where are the opportunities? And what truly motivates older Boomers? As a research-driven futurist and generations expert, Matt will share eye-opening insights and perspectives on the future of senior living. He’ll identify relevant demographic, societal, and cultural trends and how understanding the mindsets and preferences of Boomers will create new opportunities in this segment. He’ll help you connect the dots and see things as you never have before. Matt will share the key traits found in the best, most successful senior living operators from around the country to round out your understanding of what’s coming and what you can do today to get ready.

    Matt Thornhill is the founder and managing partner of Boomer Project, a research-based think tank headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. Matt is a futurist, generations expert, thought leader, and author. His firm identifies the trends impacting organizations and communities, studies the people making those trends happen, and helps leaders determine how best to prepare for tomorrow.

    Tapping into 54 years of SIR’s research expertise, the Institute for Tomorrow has helped hundreds of organizations connect the dots between the meaningful cultural, societal, and demographic trends and their success.

    Matt has delivered eye-opening keynote presentations to organizations including AARP, ACHCA, NCAL, and over 25 LeadingAge and other senior living state-level organizations. In addition, Matt has keynoted or led sessions for companies including Ingleside, Eskaton, Christian Living Communities and Home Instead and served as a delegate-at-large for the White House Conference on Aging. Google, Walmart, Wells Fargo, and even the rocket scientists at NASA have hired Matt to help them see and make sense of what's ahead.

    Frequently sought out by the media for his opinions and insights, Matt has appeared on NBC, CBS, CNBC, and in articles in BusinessWeek, TIME, The Washington Post, The New York Times and countless others. Matt is also co-author of the acclaimed book Boomer Consumer: Ten Rules for Marketing to America’s Largest, Wealthiest, and Most Influential Group.

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