2020 Awards Nominations


See below for information regarding the awards to be presented at our 2020 Annual Conference:


Award of Honor 

This award recognizes the achievements of an individual who has exhibited an exemplary career of outstanding service in the field of aging.

Award Criteria:

  • Holds the position of CEO, Healthcare/Housing Administrator or Executive Director
  • Has a minimum of seven years of service in the not for profit community
  • Has enhanced the concept of professionalism by virtue of his/her leadership


Emerging Leader of the Year Award  

This award recognizes an individual in an administrative, managerial, supervisory or leadership position. 

Award Criteria:

  • Has developed and implemented a best practice in programs and/or services
  • Has been instrumental in the achievement of positive measurable outcomes that have made a significant impact to the organization.
  • Has inspired and motivated staff, volunteers, residents and others through his/her actions, ideas and example

Excellence in Service Award (2)  

This award recognizes an individual within an organization in a non-management position.

Award Criteria:

  • Holds a front line staff position, included, but not limited to, CNA, caregiver, diet aide, grounds crew, driver, etc.
  • Is seen to enhance the lives of residents or staff by the exceptional quality and passion of his/her work and through acts of kindness, giving and selfless care and support

Volunteer of the Year Award 

This award is presented to a resident, individual or a group from a LeadingAge Arizona member organization. 

Award Criteria:

  • Has performed a minimum of 200 hours per year of significant volunteer service
  • Demonstrated exceptional commitment to preserve the dignity, well-being and independence of residents in their community

    Best Practices Award  

    This award recognizes a "best practice" program or service that promotes and enhances quality of life for residents, staff and/or the surrounding community. 

    Award Criteria:

    • Has developed a specific "best practice" within the organization
    • Has effectively led the change by acquiring collaboration and support from those involved to use the best practice during the implementation phase
    • Can demonstrate the metrics, improvements or success of using the best practice

    Innovation Award   

    This award recognizes an organization to create an Innovative Program or Services. 

    Award Criteria:

    • Innovative Technology Advancement.
    • Innovative Environmental Design, including building design, construction and/or energy conservation.
    • Innovative Impact to Residents and/or Employees.

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