2022 Conference Handouts and Presentations

2022 Arizona LeadingAge Annual Conference & Expo


May 18, 2022 - May 20, 2022

We-Ko-Pa Resort & Conference Center

Scottsdale, Arizona




(04) Creating a Culture to Obtain, Retain, and Sustain Outstanding Staff  |   Cheryl Goodwin, Tana Luger Motyka, Sukumarakurup Krishnakumar, and Scott Motyka

            (05) AHCCCS Update on Home and Community-Based Services in Residential Settings  |   Danielle Ashlock & Dara Johnon

            (06) Maximizing Knowledge and Minimizing Assumptions: Learning to Let the Person with Dementia Take the Lead | Mollie Heiden & Amanda Weiler

            (07) Gaining Momentum: Harnessing Rehab's Skills to Reduce Hospital Readmission | Jeanne Copeland, Lynn Chatfield, & Sarah Cooper

                  THURSDAY, MAY 19  

                  (09) Implementing Digital Learning in Your Community | Alexander Stark
                      (10) Risk Leadership: Inspiring Teams to Embrace and Manage Risk | Melanie Lockwood Herman
                          (11) The "Millennial Lifestyle" for Today's Seniors | Daniel J. Cavolo

                              (12) Improving Quality of Life by Incorporating Human Touch | Julie Boggess
                                  (13) Empathic Listening to Ease Inner and Outer Conflict | Paige Hector
                                      (14) The Great Balancing Act: How QIO Can Support Post-Acute Care Providers in a Post-Pandemic World | Keith Chartier
                                      (15) Deconditioning and Reconditioning: Rebounding Post-Pandemic | Dr. Kathleen Weissberg
                                        (16) Update on National Affordable Housing Efforts | Linda Couch
                                          (17) Overview & Outlook: Senior Living Mega Trends | Daren Bell & Mary Munoz
                                            (18) How "Internalized Ageism" Impacts Sales, Marketing, and Census (And What You Can Do About It!) | Cynthia Thurlow Cruver, Derek Dujardin, and Don Warfield

                                              (19) Going Beyond "Great Job!" with Appreciation that Impacts Lives | Paige Hector

                                              (20) Inspired Governance: Unleashing Your Board's Potential | Melanie Lockwood Herman

                                              (21) All About the Outcomes - Rethinking Your Approach |  Jennifer Callahan

                                              (23) Fall Prevention in Long-Term Care | Darlene Banzhaf

                                              (24) What to Do with No Room to Grow - Navigating Growth on a Landlocked Campus | Cole Marvin, Beau Domiack, & Theresa Schultz 

                                              Session 24 Navigating Growth on a Landlocked Campus.pdf

                                              (25) Senior Housing and Care Market Trends: From the There-and-Then to the Here-and-Now | Lana Peck

                                              Session 25 NIC Senior Housing and Care Market Trends.pdf

                                              (26) NCIA Update | Jack Confer

                                              Session 26 NCIA Update.pdf

                                              (27) Workforce Development Initiatives with Mercy Care | Sarah Hauck

                                              (28) One Voice: Effect of Inter-Team Communication on Quality | Dr. Kathleen Weissberg

                                              FRIDAY, MAY 20


                                              (29) Successful Management of Home Care, Home Health, and Hospice through National Benchmarks and Metrics | Melinda Coley & Joan Punch

                                              (30) Person-Centered Care: Improving Care & Caregiver Effectiveness Linda Buscemi

                                              (31) ADHS: Skilled Nursing Facility Update | Diane Eckles

                                              (32) Senior Living Trends 2022 and Beyond | Jesse Howell

                                              (34) University-Based Retirement Communities: Designing for Intergenerational Connections | Lindsey Beagley, Adam Payn, Darla Esnard, & Joan Erdahl

                                              (35) Ensuring Enterprise Fiscal Success in 2022 & Beyond | Elisa Bovee

                                              Session 35 Fiscal Success in 2022 and Beyond.pdf

                                              (36) ADHS: Assisted Living Facility Updates | Harmony Duport

                                              Session 36 AL Facility Updates.pdf

                                              (37) The Heart-to-Heart Project, a Connectivity Program Promoting Resident's Well-Being | Jane Cuendet

                                              Session 37 The Heart-to-Heart Project.pdf

                                              (38) The Digital Transformation of Senior Living: Adoption & Implementation | Nick Patel

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